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TOPIC: Vermont buyers.

Re:Vermont buyers. 4 years 1 month ago #29738

Vermontshang wrote:

Huntsman....nice to meet you, i am new on wild grown and wanted to congratulate you on two beautiful large mouth bass your holding there.....dandies!! I have been fishing for 44 yrs. and love large mouth fishing. I am an avid fly fisherman and love bass fishing with poppers with my fly rod.....doesn't get any more exciting than that :) I have land in the southern tier of n.y. and have 2 huge bass ponds (spring fed) I have MANY 10 -12 pounders in them. When i find my flash drive with all my good fishing pictures i will upload them on here for you. I assume your a shanger as well? I started with my grand daddy when i was 6 44 yrs. shanging. I started growing shang when i was 15 and happily retired at 40....I sure do miss my grand daddy as i would love to thank him for all the invaluable knowledge he taught me....sure was a sharp fellow. Be safe and good luck shangin this fall :)


Nice to meet you as well and welcome to the Wildgrown forums! It is our hopes that you will tarry with us and share Ginseng hunting, digging and growing stories as well as share your knowledge and experiences with us! Thanks for the kudos on the Bass! They are actually Hybrid Bass but due to the pic being small as my' Avatar, it is somewhat hard to tell. We all and especially myself would love to see pics of your' catches and fishing adventures and especially any pics of Ginseng, mushrooms and other herbs that you may want to share.


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Re:Vermont buyers. 4 years 1 month ago #29760

Fourprong, have you spoke to Steve Norse? He has always treated me good. I think he is down in Dorset. Good luck tomorrow. I may get out after work for a bit. Probably more to bury seeds in a place I can get to quick.

I don't know if you saw my other thread. They did pass the new seng laws here, but they do not go into effect until next year. It will be Sept 1 start date, 10 yo minimum and a $20 fee when you renew your license.

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